Wraps come in all different shapes & sizes. Wraps start as large sheets of adhesive backed vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application made available in a variety of styles & finishes. Some wraps are a full color change in matte, satin or gloss finishes, as well as chrome, “carbon fiber” look, and beyond. Vehicle wraps can also consist of printed designs containing imagery, photos, graphics, or branded elements to represent a business or group, or as “accents” on vehicle features like trim, spoilers, hoods, roofs, and trunks. Truly, the possibilities are endless; recent advancements in vinyl production technology has also opened up the possibilities to textured vehicle wraps like leather, alligator, snake skin, or holographic & 3D films!

 This answer can depend on the type of vinyl being used and the surface to which it is applied.  High quality vehicle wraps can last anywhere from 5-7 years if professionally installed.  Wall and floor wraps can be a shorter amount of time due to surfaces and amount of traffic.

The cost depends on the size of vehicle being wrapped but for an average size car it starts from around $2950-3650.

Either option is available. If your design has already been created, there is a setup fee to ensure the design is ready for printing. We can also create your design from scratch. Our vehicle wrap division will take your ideas and design a wrap that is perfect for you!


Yes, we offer a Two Year Warranty. Our warranty covers bubbling and peeling issues.


Yes, the wrap can be removed from your vehicle. Removing the wrap will not cause damage to the paint, as long as the paint is in good condition. We do not recommend uninstalling the wrap yourself, as this could cause damage to the vehicle’s paint.



Yes, we do offer a discount for wrapping fleets of vehicles. Please contact us for details.




A. Clear Bra Pro, 3M and XPEL strongly recommend that XPEL clear bra Paint Protection Film be installed by a fully trained and accredited, 3M professional certified installer. Make sure your installer can show you proof of 3M Certification! SINCE 2005!

A. As long as the uncovered portions of the paint were regularly wash and waxed, then there should be no indication that film was ever installed if it is ever removed.
This is the benefit of paint protection film. It is not a permanent application; however, does require professional removal.
We would greatly appreciate it if your vehicle is not covered in excessive dirt / debris. Otherwise, we will do the proper prep work.
 No. The material contains UV inhibitors to prevent the film from reacting to the sun’s rays, but still allows a certain amount to filter through the material and onto the surface to let the paint “age” with the rest of the vehicle.
Clear Bra Pro, 3M and XPEL recommend that any repainted surfaces on your vehicle be professionally painted and fully cured before applying paint protection film. If you have touched up scratches or chips with a tube of “touch-up” paint and then apply paint protection film over it, the film will protect that area until it is removed. If the paint protection film is removed, it is possible that the area around the non-professional touch-up paint could peel off.

A. XPEL Ultimate has a 10 year warranty against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating; covering film and labor. Please contact us if you would like a PDF of each warranty card to read the fine print.



Environmental elements can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coating provides a semi-permanent layer of protection by adding thickness to the paint. If you want to provide the best protection for your car, then the ceramic coating is the way to go. It will prolong the life of your vehicles paint and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

No. This product is recommended for use on exterior surfaces and because of the strong odor, we do not recommend use for this on any interior surfaces.

You can use this on Matte and Satin finishes. It will add increasingly better depth and sheen to the surface, but will not make it shiny! As this coating will flash on a clear coat, window, or gloss surface, you will not get flashing but still need to level off the coating as it will look streaky and smudgy in appearance upon application.

This will depend on the type of coating and the environment in which the car is driven and stored. There will also be a dependency on how well the coating is maintained. Four instance Ceramic Pro forms a highly durable bond with the paintwork which can last a number of years on a well maintained car.

Yes and No. Our specially trained technicians are able to remove all swirl marks and you can rest assured that no new ones will be created. However our coatings have the best filling ability on the market and will conceal minor flaws and defects that other coatings will only enhance.

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